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Since 1797

Parisian Watchmaker

Born in Palais Royal (1797 – 1857)

Palais-Royal garden in the heart of Paris, birth place of Charles Oudin maison.
Early quarter-repeating pendulette d’officier with pull-wind alarm and chronometer escapement, signed "Oudin à Sedan" Circa 1790.

From an eminent horological dynasty, Charles Oudin began his career in the Paris atelier of the famous Abraham-Louis Breguet, considered the father of modern watchmaking. He began making under his own name in 1797, from his workshop in the Jardins du Palais-Royal, the beating heart of a Paris of luxury, hedonism and fashion.

Charles Oudin style flourished there, under the arcades of the remarkable garden, Capturing the atmosphere of the classic architecture, fountains and above all, the spirit of the many writers and artists who loved the place, transposing it into unique watches.

The Feminine



A contemporary Large Pansy Retro with pearls watch in white gold set with diamonds by Charles Oudin Paris on a ladies’wrist.

The story of Charles Oudin stretches back to the Enlightenment, a period that saw the true birth of the French spirit. The house was founded in Paris within this context of emulation and knowledge-sharing by one of Bréguet’s best pupil in 1797.

The house is driven by a unique spirit, marked by excellence, which made the pocket watches, wrist watches, clocks, astronomical regulators and other timepieces crafted by Oudin highly prized marvels of mechanic.

Elevated by rich fine jewelry embellishment, the technology inside was what made each piece a real jewel. The house appealed to the most passionate and demanding of clients, great figures from European and foreign courts like Empress Josephine and Queen Victoria. Women of power and spirit.

Led by the Berthet family, watchmakers for five generations, today Charles Oudin carries the flame and embodies the spirit of these exceptional women, from Marie-Antoinette to some of the most celebrated figures of our times; artists, society women and designers who have each contributed to creating the magic of Paris.

Style, elegance, expertise and femininity: the modernity of Charles Oudin is infused with its heritage and the idea of transmission (transmittal down the generations). And the thread that binds it all together, is female empowerment.

Remarquable Clients

Exceptional Watches

Empress Joséphine portrait

A beautiful diamond-set 18K gold and rock- crystal keyless quarter-repeating with black hour cartouche forming the words “Dieu Mon droit” (My Divine Right) on a the transparent crystal dial. skeleton fob watch. The winding crown in the form of a Royal crown, the back of rock crystal applied with a rose-diamond set spray of flowers within a similar diamond set garter. Oudin made this watch especially for the 1862 London Universal Exhibition At the time, it had a Rock crystal chatelaine, now lacking. “DIEU-MON-DROIT” has been the British Royalty motto since the 15th century. Diam. 33 mm, signed on the movement. “Charles Oudin, Palais Royal, 52 ” Circa 1862

An exceptional presentation pocket watch with pendant winding. The coat of arms of Napoleon III is on the back of the black oxidized half hunter, the roman numerals are engraved in the front. The white enamel dial is with outer red Arabic numeral ring.

Empress Maria Feodorovna Empress of Russia portrait 19th century

A gold and mother of pearl pendant watch with a matching chatelaine, bearing the letter “M” surmounted by a Russian Imperial crown made for Empress Maria Feodorovna (1847-1928)
signed “Charles Oudin, Palais Royal, 52, No. 19829”
Circa 1860

An engraved pendant watch in 18K yellow gold in the shape of a crucifix. Signed “Ch Oudin Horloger de N.S. Père le Pape Palais Royal, 52 Paris, No. 22344. … others Cruciform watch were made for Empress Eugenie, Queen Isabella of Spain … Circa 1862

A gold double barrel self-winding pocket watch with quarter repeating, 60-minute power reserve indication, Reaumur thermometer, and Robin Chronometer, lever escapement. Circa 1806

A fine gold perpetuelle watch with fifty hour wind indication quarter repeating à toc. Circa 1820

A rare pink gold quarter repeating calendar cylindar watch equation of time. Signed and numbered Charles Oudin Eve de Breguet, Palais Royal N.52, no. 6980. Circa 1820

A Taste for

Timeless Chic

Charles Oudin catalogue of 1st women’s wristwatches early 20th still Classic French style

Heir to a history that went back to the Enlightenment, Charles Oudin creates a dialog between eras, materials and generations.

The delicacy and jeweler’s refinement of the house’s watches call to mind the treasures of the French Grand Siècle (in the 17th/18th century), while the subtlety of volume and line further assert a lively contemporary femininity. The house’s stand-out collection, the Retro line is inspired by the most modern period of history there is: the 1920s, when Art Deco revolutionized style and design, and the bracelet watch created a new way to wear the time.

For Charles Oudin, this taste for a pure silhouette combined with the opulence of fine jewelry is also synonymous with a femininity that demands self-affirmation alongside the freedom to wonder and be amazed. Indeed, allowing yourself the freedom to be you is the definition of chic for Charles Oudin. The house’s rich offering also extends to the Curvex line and the minimalist rigor of the Ligne watches. So many ways to speak to the singularity and uniqueness of each client, who find a bouquet of precious stones, along with color and light pairings at Oudin that are truly their own, allowing their personalities to shine through with the luxury of being themselves.



The emblematic Full Amazone Curvex expresses the quintessence of modern femininity, with the exuberance of the untamed river of the Brazilian forest. Made of 18K white gold and set with approx; 27 carats. Thanks to the variety of colours of gold and precious stones : diamonds, sapphires, ruby and emerald, an infinite possibility of combinasions can be chosen.

The Ultimate Luxury

Bespoke Since 1797

Offering personalization has been at the heart of Charles Oudin’s approach of watchmaking since 1797. The House grand savoir-faire is to highlight and magnify the uniqueness of each client

A Charles Oudin watch is always designed with great care, to the attention of someone special. Starting from a signature model, you are encouraged to take a walk through a world of infinite possibilities and choose the shape of the case, the color of the gold – rose, yellow, white and even black – pick the dial finishing from fine guilloche, plane mother of pearl or marquetry, or fully diamond set, choose your numerals or index and, even, opt for a special print or engraving. Perpetuation the tradition from the 19th century, Charles Oudin watches can feature quote of arms, monograms or other personnalisations that would be engraved or enameled.

Interchangeable satin straps add to wide variety, creating a piece that fits for all occasions, from tea with friends to a gala dinner, adding a unique touch to your look.

A Charles Oudin watch is more than a style ally. It’s the most beautiful way to celebrate your singularity and your own equation of time. Real time. Your time.