Magnifying precious time, Living the present moment in a joyful Art-de-Vivre,
filled with beauty, high-quality and authenticity.

Through his jewellery timepiece, Maison Charles Oudin celebrate exceptional women’s
unique & perpetual sparkle.

The Luxury of

The Family Bond

Throughout its history, Charles Oudin has built the kind of powerful and close personal links that only family can provide.

The Berthet family, watchmakers for 5 generations, perpetuates this singular approach today, one that has become rare in the horological world.

Charles Oudin privileges sincere relationships and committed teamwork as the fundamental bedrock of its creativity.

Charles Oudin is a family house in the truest meaning of the term and a place where you are always welcome and it is the luxury of the most human house on Place Vendôme. Whether virtual or physical, as soon as you step through the Charles Oudin world, you are part of the family. And the exchanges we will have are a unique source of inspiration.

Because what could be more unique and precious than connection between people?


The sisterhood at the heart of Charles Oudin

Claire and Carole Berthet are the two sisters at the heart of the house of Charles Oudin. Designers, entrepreneurs and mothers, who are as close to their artisans as they are their clients, the two Parisians have a very personal vision of luxury, of work and of the magic of time.

What does working
together as sisters
mean to you?

What does
working together
as sisters
mean to you?

It’s first and foremost the luxury of working for our clients with family, based on complicity, understanding and intuitive responsibility-sharing. As you can imagine, we’ve known each other inside-out for a long time and nothing can replace that trust.

What role does
family play, for you?

Our family has given us a taste for beautiful things and the opportunity to make them. But also, being able to live in our time and develop a contemporary creativity. We grew up in a very modern, architect-designed house that provided contrast to the history of the family business. That fusion of eras and styles helped shape the Charles Oudin philosophy.

Today, you are both women at the top of a luxury house that bears a man’s name. How do you share the work between you?

Carole looks after operations and production, while Claire manages client relationships and business development. Our father is more on the management and design side. As to being two women, it no doubt brings something a little more human, more responsible to the table, something more in sync with our mainly female clientele. But Charles Oudin is open to all and we are always delighted to welcome men.architect-designed house that provided contrast to the history of the family business.

Would you describe watchmaking
as the family passion?

Would you describe
as the family passion?

If you only knew the number of experts, watchmakers, traders, antiques dealers and other original, creative people, brimming with imagination who were around when we were growing up, starting with our parents’ jewelry gallery and antique watches! We are the fifth generation of a watchmaking dynasty that stretches back to 1888.

What links us to our ancestors are not only blood ties, but interests, a long-term, common project. It’s the idea of a similar activity, carried out in different times but with the same unique sensibility.

What are the values
that you uphold
in your work?

Consideration, sincerity and high standards. We are very attached to the Japanese concept of gambalu which we learned about while we were over there. It symbolizes diligence and means both “giving yourself” and “never giving up until you have achieved your goal”. We also love the value and pleasure provided by a product that is well-made and built to last.

What makes
you feel most French?
Or most Parisian?

Attachment to our roots, to French culture, to a number of its values and ideals. And the lifestyle in Paris, its food, fashion, architecture… the Palais Royal where we played a lot as children, climbing on the Buren pillars as kids, the Jardin des Tuileries and so much more.

What does style mean, today?

Above all, it’s a joyful relaxed mindset, where quality, provenance of materials and good practices are held in higher regard than quantity. We love jewelry that sparkles and says something about us, even if we don’t wear it every day. It’s basically about that indefinable ‘Parisian chic’, a certain balance, a fairness, a way of standing out without ever being too much. Being true to yourself for the long-haul. Style is also about joie de vivre. ‘Parisianess’ is above all a state of mind. We see it in our clients each time we meet them.

What is
a second?

A look, a spark, a decision. It might seem like nothing, but it can often be critical.

What are your most
precious moments?

Life is a succession of precious moments. They are the ones we share, that come back to mind time and again, that we will always remember.

And what about time
that moves slowly?

When we were children, that meant being bored or waiting. Today, it means time for oneself, and the calm and silence which allow us to imagine, enjoy and do things. It feels like the ultimate luxury.


is a Feast

A Charles Oudin watch runs on Paris time. What time is it in Paris? Time to fully be ourselves, to savor unique moments, to be together and to love each other. Because aren’t the most precious moments those that we share the most authentically? The humanist values and the French art de vivre well carry joy and optimism into each moment.

As watches for everything from the most extraordinary to the most beautiful moments of ordinary life, Charles Oudin pieces are infused with the taste of that very Parisian style. For everything from formal occasions to parties via private moments, worn with ceremonial wear or a more relaxed look, each Charles Oudin timepiece makes the wrist sparkle with the je-ne-sais-quoi of freedom that characterizes its French spirit. Day or night, each Charles Oudin watch channels a refined hedonism. In two words: eminently French.

For the really

Precious Times

Above all, Charles Oudin is about a taste for the exceptional and the most precious moments in life. An ode to joy that infuses color into clean lines through carefully chosen diamonds, pearls, sapphires and satins. Positive energy that carries you with it, just as much during the stone-setting carried out following the great – and highly exacting – Parisian jewelry tradition, as during the three months of work in the ateliers, and when the final pieces is worn. This taste for joy is also about the precious moments for which each watch is created. Engagements, birthdays, declarations of love or friendship, weddings and graduations: in the luster of each gemstone, Charles Oudin renders the magic of these wonderful moments eternal.

choosing commitment

And Trust

Respect, kindness and exacting standards are all fundamental values for Charles Oudin. Each watch is crafted in a unique way, using fine materials that have been certified not only for their quality, but also their social and environmental footprint. Since the house was founded, a bespoke approach has been at the heart of the Charles Oudin commitment, a spirit of trust both for clients and employees.

This commitment is also about the exclusive production, lasting since the establishment of the company in 1797. A made to order approach, where only desired pieces are made, durable watches that can be cherished and passed on to the next generations.

Chosen according to the most demanding of criteria, each precious stone meets our standards in terms of F+ color and VVS+ clarity. All the diamonds we use come from producers who have signed up to the Kimberley agreement and we require all suppliers to provide guarantees of traceability, starting with Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC) certification. In 2019, Charles Oudin committed to supplying 100% ethical gold, a promise certified Fairmined, Fairtrade and Swiss Better Gold Association (SBGA) for provenance, as well as gold from the Alliance for Responsible Mining (RJC)’s Traceability Chain. Oil used in our workshops is systematically reconditioned and metal offcuts are reused, while partners of the house hold the most demanding certification on the market and respond positively to our requests for transparency with concrete guarantees that are regularly checked.



Charles Oudin made the choice to marry French High jewellery creativity & savoir-faire with the reliability of Swiss-made mechanisms.

Gold, precious stones and pearls are meticulously sourced, then worked by hand, using traditional artisanal techniques that cannot be replaced by machine, the know-how is being transmited and technique perfectioned from generations to generations. The Stone-setting is carried out in Paris, the world’s fine jewelry capital, by the best artistic talents. Cases for Charles Oudin watches are made in small numbers at a family manufacture in the Jura mountains bordering Switzerland, an area that has inherited a long horological history. It’s where modern-day meticulousness blends with historical tradition, high precision and an infinite love for the object itself. At each stage, excellence is the ultimate goal in a process that combines creative disciplines and expertise like links in a chain – including several artisans d’art -Meilleurs Ouvriers de France- recognized as being at the very top of their craft.




May 16 - 19th 2023

Maison Charles Oudin participates annually, since 2011, to the Saudi Jewellery exhibitions beeing held this year at Al Faisaliah hotel.


From May 11th 2023

Maison Charles Oudin is thrilled to join Via Riyadh for an exceptionnal pop up at the occasion of the opening of The Saudi capital's luxury destination.


May 24-29th 16:30 to 21:30

Kuwait International Fairground Hall 4.


October 26 - 30th 2023


February 20th - 25th 2023

Maison Charles Oudin participates annually, since 2004, to the Doha Jewellery and Watches Exhibition (DJWE) in Qatar DECC Stand B14.


February 2nd - 26th 2023

Maison Charles Oudin will be showcasing its collection of jewellery watches for an exclusif pop-up in New York USA at Bergdorf Goodman.


November 22nd - 26th 2023

Maison Charles Oudin participates annually, since 1999, to Jewellery Arabia exhibition in the Kingdom of Bahrain. BJC Pavilion.