Your wrist measurement:

To determine the circumference of your wrist, Please, use a soft couture/tailor measuring ruler.
It is also possible to use a ribbon and then the classic ruler to find out the correct length in cm or inch)
Adjust a measuring tight around your wrist to the desirable position where you like to wear your watch.

Charles Oudin’s watch size Guide:

Most Charles Oudin’s timepieces are proposed in 3 dimensions: Mini, Medium and Large.
If 2 sizes suit your wrist, please choose the style you are usually appealed to.

As a French watchmaking brand, Charles Oudin watch case sizes refers to traditional European standards, therefore, a medium size watch might be considered small on other territories.

Watch size Wrist circumference in Cm Wrist circumference in Inches
Mini 20mm 13,5-14,5 5.3/5.5-7
Medium 24mm 14-16 5.5-6.3
Large 30mm 15-17,5 5.9-6.8

Charles Oudin’s Strap Length:

Charles Oudin timepieces are delivered with a classic medium length satin strap.

By request, it is possible to personalize the length to a smaller or longer strap. Communicate us your wrist size and we will find the exact length to perfectly fit your wrist.


La maison Charles Oudin would be happy to guide you online or schedule together a meeting.
Please get in touch with us if you require help or support, by email: or by whatsapp: +33 7 83 64 70 01